Your Real WHY...

As I continue to meet different people, there is one questions that people fail to answer at least 90 percent of the time.

The question is "Why are you here?"

If you are honest, this type of question is very though provoking. Whenever I ask this question, some people immediately answer, "My WHY is my family, spouse or children." In response to that question, I share with them this one principle that has helped me.

Do you really want to know?

I say, "God made you for a purpose before your children were born. So don't confuse your God-Given Identity with your responsibility."

What does that mean? God has entrusted children in your stewardship to help guide them into the purpose He created them to fulfill. However, that does not mean you are to neglect His reason for you creating you.

Your really WHY is the original intent God created you to release in the earth. That's right! You are carrying a unique treasure God created that cannot be duplicated. Is it possible that you have been wasting energy chasing good things that God never created you to fulfill?

Once you know who you really are God prepares and empowers you to confidently walk into your true identity & assignment. Within your assignment is the authority to unlock who God created you to authentically release.

What about you. Do you confidently know who you are? Do you feel there is more that you should fulfill, but you feel stuck, but don't know how to unlock your true potential? Click the link below to schedule a complimentary identity session to help you Discover, Maximize, & Manifest Your God-Given Identity.


Ricco McAdory

Author of "Your God-Given Identity"

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