Resist or Flow

Are you resisting the life you have been called to fulfill? There is something deep inside of you that is a solution to a problem in the earth, but that answer doesn't lead to the prosperous career you desired? As humans, we have the power to choose the path we think is best without consulting the Creator. Maybe your single, and you're seeking a mate to marry. You base your decision of the right future spouse by their manipulative tactics to control. Interestingly, before the marriage, GOD has the right person in your view. However, because that person may not be packaged with a certain physique as the fiance you are about to marry, you fight the possibility that you are about to make the wrong choice.

GOD sees the past, present, and future. He knows what's best for you more than your realize. Our point of view is limited. We can see the door, but GOD sees what's really beyond that door. Because we have the ability to choose, we can refuse to surrender control. The longer GOD's plan is resisted, His opportunity to flow abundant resources to us are restricted. The provision GOD has is connected with your obedience to His instruction. It's possible to be successful in ventures GOD didn't design for you. If you're in the wrong profession, and making great money, you will experience a lack of fulfillment at some point. There will be a void within you so great that you'll try anything within your own power to rekindle that passion you once had. At that crossroads, you will either choose to fight GOD, or flow with Him. No matter how you try to ignore it, GOD will continue calling you until you surrender.

Action Steps:

* REPENT to GOD and seek Him for direction.

* RENEW your mind consistently with GOD's Word.

* RESIST the temptation to be entangled with the yoke of bondage GOD freed you from.

* FOCUS and finish your GOD-Given Assignment STRONG.

Are you ready to flow with GOD's plan even further? Are you ready to discover, maximize, and manifest your GOD-Given Identity? Let's talk on a complimentary Zoom session by clicking the link below.


Ricco S. McAdory

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