Don't Be Infected With The Status Quo

The earth is being shaken through the COVID-19 Pandemic! What seemed to be secure has been challenged. People who had long standing career jobs have either been laid off or terminated. Can you imagine having a six figure salary that was comfortable, all of a sudden is gone. Instead of challenging the status quo and taking proactive action, people are now being forced to become reactive. There are actually people who want to go back to the way things were rather to fighting through the challenge and discomfort of change to become greater than the previous life before the crisis came.

Those who have preexisting health challenges have either contracted the Coronavirus (COVID-19) or have died. Even people who were in good health have also contracted this virus. This Pandemic has shaken up how we value our health. There are more people I know who have committed to working out more. What that says is that a virus that I believe was weaponized to take people out, has forced many people to challenge the status quo of not exercising.

Although there is a vaccine available, I personally believe one of the greatest proactive measures humanity can take to give their body to fight off disease is a strong immune system (i.e. exercise, take Vitamin D & other supplements, drink more water, and watch certain foods that you eat that have no nutritional value to benefit your body, see your doctor). To accomplish these consistent activities will require us to make decisions that will make us uncomfortable at first, but through consistent actions that we have shared above, progress can be made.

So yes, we have a health and wealth crisis. The two issues most people, especially some religious organizations oppose, are now being greatly impacted, requiring us to change and be more creative. The challenges that we have tried to avoid, but never wanted to confront, we will now have to choose to confront in order to walk in victory. Just remember that on the other side of your Goliath (the giant challenge that you can't defeat on your own without GOD), is the life you truly desire to live. That dream GOD placed in your heart will encounter a Goliath sized challenge, but GOD has CHOSEN & EQUIPPED YOU to break that generational chain that has plagued your family. You are the deliverer GOD is raising up to lead your family, church, and/or business out of bondage, but you must do three things:

* DECIDE to put on GOD's armor & fight in His strength.

* COMMIT to the development process (Strength Training)

* FOCUS on your GOD-Given Assignment (GOOD things will come to DISTRACT you from in your GOD-Given Greatness).

GOD did not make you to FIT IN, but to STAND OUT as an influential example of His greatness. Are you ready to say yes to GOD's will for your life and walk in your GOD-Given Identity? If this message resonates with you, let chat by clicking the link below about helping you Discover, Maximize, and Manifest your true GOD-Given BRAND IDENTITY!

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