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You are an original idea created in the imagination of God! He has planted treasure within you that is a unique solution to overcome crisis. Humanity needs the solution you carry NOW!! Author & speaker Ricco McAdory, wrote Your God-Given Identity to empower you to Discover, Maximize, & Manifest the real you. Why? So you don't waste time & energy tolerating positions that were never designed for you, but rather to expand God's kingdom & positively impact people by fulfilling your true purpose. In this book, you will learn to:

  •  See yourself as God sees you.

  • Surround yourself with people who celebrate, not tolerate you and your gifts.

  • Confidently activate and release your potential without compromise.

To provide greater value, Ricco McAdory has also produced the Your God-Given Identity Individual & Group Coaching Programs to further assist you in clarifying your why & unlocking your true value. If you are ready to become and manifest the greatness within you, go to www.calendly.com/riccomcadory and set up a 30 minute Identity complimentary session. 

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Your God-Given ID Trilogy

(Book, Participant Guide, & T-Shirt)


"Once you discover and decide to walk in your true authenticity, you'll attract the people, favor, and resources necessary to accomplish your assignment."


“This book is a Message from God to his children preparing us for the Blessing to be in full operation in our lives for God’s Glory. We are getting in position for the return of Jesus and he’s not going to return until we know who we are in HIM.”


Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach, & Trainer


I can’t stress how important it is





God’s plan.

-Ricco S. Mcadory



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